Friday, April 23, 2010

Popular Mischievous Mind

Life is not just end up with career, right! Apart from career, lot of other things are there. In bird's view, broadly it will fit into wealth or fame or sex. I wish to recollect, one of the famous statements by Canon Doyle. Actually it was depicted as statement given by his imaginary character Sherlock Homes that if intelligent or genius people start to involve in criminal activity, no one can withstand or other way we can put, just this one world is not sufficient for them.

Lot of people don't have any basic idea of Golf, but moment someone said word "golf", immediately everyone think about "Tiger Wood". He got everything in his life on extreme higher end. His bad time started with simple SMS. It must be a lesson for everyone, that no one should keep mobile contacts for extra marital activity. Like old is gold, better they get back to conventional land line with traditional phone equipment. There is a saying that there is a woman behind every successful man, pathetically in his case, there was a lot of woman after his success. It is very interesting that how come he failed to see ahead and failed to plan ahead as posted in his commercial for Accenture.

Suman, is one of the famous actor and very handsome guy in Telgu film industry. He spent nearly 2 years in prison. Why he was behind the bars, even after god blessed him with whatever, most of us lacking of like abundant wealth, intelligence, smart looking, fame, black belt in Karate, fluency in more than 7 languages, kindness and very good political contacts. In early days, he was the only challenge to Chiranjeevi. Even after so many positive factors, his skills went in vain. He was entangled or got himself into trouble, that is immaterial to retrospect, but he lost his valuable 20 years contribution in the film industry. Even 6 months, any film star stayed away from the screen, people will forget them, but he lost his precious skills and time.

Dr. Prakash is another controversial character and topped headlines in 2002. Amazingly brilliant person. He is one of the best ortho specialists. He had number of degrees and certification, used to line up after his name like paragraph. Shockingly he gave drugs to his patients and took pornographic movie. After providing good treatment and guidance to his patients, he ill-treated them and misguided them. Spoiled his own patients life and put them in a irrecoverable miseries. Once he said “I am living in wrong place among wrong people". He may know the right meaning for right people and right place. Recently I got a chance to read one of his book "100 Minutes That'll Change The Way You Live! ". It is a nice book with lot of information in a simple form. In that book there was a small story that 3 camels are talking with each other. Daddy camel is explaining the baby camel about the use of their long legs, big hump and long neck, how it will be useful to them in desert. Finally baby camel is asking, "Then what are we doing with this here". Unfortunately they are standing in one of the zoo in Boston, MA. The same story is absolutely applicable to him only.

Common cause of this entire problem might be lack of affection that they are expecting. Middle age mania will skew the interest and divert the whole path. After some time even if they want to come out of it, things would have gone out of their control. Anyone can have knowledge, but if it is with the wrong person, it is like a knife in the hands of murderer instead of Doctor who can safe life. Good friends and nice family will save your life. It is a responsibility of the life partner to show love and affection to compensate their success, getting success and fame is not their only duty, no one is just born for it. Getting wealth at the cost of good morale is Pyrrhic victory.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

iPad Fever

During coffee break, I have seen lot of colleagues used to describe the features of iPad, iPhone, BMW, iPod, iTouch, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and etc. No doubt, these are top notch brands in the list of electronic equipments and cars. Even who invented that products also would not have described that much about that product. Once Steve jobs find some time to come to our break rooms, surely he would wonder about these non paid marketing guys of iPhone and iPad, that too working for some other company on monthly salary basis.

Most of the time, they are getting into pseudo utopia of using these new products, sorry, having these new products. Seldom they find the actual use of it. They would not have spend half of these money for their parents, but when iPhone comes to market, they are so proud to stand in queue for the whole night and buy it with considerable portion of their pay check. If we are buying something out of peer pressure, our civic responsibility should wake up to say, no to it.

Once if you buy iPhone, it is not going to be end up with just one time, it is like feeding an elephant. Every month you have to pay for data plan. Find some time, to calculate that data plan for 2 years. Surely it would exceed three hundred dollars per year. Really if that much revenue is getting generated out of that data plan, then undoubtedly it is worth feeding it.

iPad is just bigger size of iTouch, its dimensions also not that much user friendly to carry around. The way iPad was hold, that itself give some idea, how comfortable it would not be. iPhone is having various reasons to justify, no way to deny that. In a single device you can find so many features of the single product like GPS, Camera, iPod, Phone, kindle and etc. iPhone is unbelievably versatile, but same grace is not going to carry forward for their evolution of products.

iPod=Music+Vedio+Flash Drive
iTouch = iPhone-phone-camera+WiFi
iPad = magnified (iTouch)

Gullible consumers have to realize, no point in being proud of using costly branded invention of some one. You did not invent anything by your own, so you don’t have to feel great about buying these products. If you find actual use of it, you can go for it, else buy apples with that cost, because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.