Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take it as such

Daily we are finding lot of reasons to worry about and constantly having the feeling that we are lacking of wealth, power, support yin_and_yangand etc. Ever did we thank god for what we have now. When we are going down from the current position only, we will come to know, how we were before. Just little bit of ill health, how much we suffer, at that time only most of the people used to think how they were yesterday, but the moment they recover, again brain will start jumping to new worries. During this short stint of illness, some people would completely loose their confidence and they will start over reacting to the situation. Like confession in the church, at that time whom so ever they met, they would out cry  and at least cry inside, what ever guilt they committed.

Always choose right person to worry and to share happiness. When some one is in trouble, you should not tell them that you got promotion or increment. With poor person, never worry that you lost little bit of gain in your multi million dollar business. In either way, you get nothing out of it other than giving him new mental agony. Some people really feel sorry about your misfortune, for some it will be a great joke, really we need to pity about their sense of humor.

Life is mixture of both. When some one is coming up fast in life, little bit of failures also inevitable. Mature mind, always knows mild down fall also very imminent. Certainly that is not going to be a permanent set back. In one day we need both day time and night time but  we accept up and but not down. No one likes go down or always need not look forward to go down, but we need to accept when it happens. Just think moment we born, our count down starts, in this case how always one can have just victory alone through out the life. In colors, we use black and white, is black opposite to white? just it is a norm or we are educated to have some mind set like that. Exactly failure and success is like a black and white.

When we are happy, we used to share with everyone contrarily some people used to share their unhappy events only. In daily life, we used to meet different kinds of people, very rare to find two same kind of person. It happens to talk to both good and bad people. All radio signals made of crest (up) and trough (down), daily we are using it in our day to day life, so at least little bit of that impact will be in our life too, right!. When some one is so determined not to try anything new or any change in his life, for him no failures in life, but his whole life is failure. For him chances are very rare to learn something new. When he is not learning anything in a day, he is more like a zombie walker. He is more like a ship in port. Ship is not intended to just stay in port. It has to sail across rough oceans to reach different destination.