Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Impression

Some students after completing their graduation, quickly they will get into work with much ease, others also get it but they would have come across lot of difficulties. Passing that tough time is very hard, but it is a pleasant feeling to recollect those days. During such a period, in Mumbai I went for one interview in the hotel located close to the Juhu beach. After completing the interview, just went for a walk in the beach. surprisingly I met my friend, we were not in touch for very long time. After completing usual inquires about each other, started moving to where abouts of other friends, but interestingly after providing information about others, without fails he passed negative remark about everyone.

For very long time I am not able to understand, how come their one day behavior taking higher precedence and being etched in the mind for ever. When someone is finding fault with every one, certainly you are not someone going to be waived out of his list. This is not his problem. It is problem with people who is surrounding him, because for their own time pass and inquisitive entertainment, they beefed up his habit. Generally to have bad remark, one need not come across multiple instance of bad events with the same person, but it became unwritten rule in the society that first opinion about that person getting carried over for the rest of his life. It became unconvincingly convenient for everyone to scrutinize the people. I strongly disagree with this preconceived notion when it comes to long term relationship. On that particular day, they would have subjected to some hard time or unexplainable mental depression. No one is going to have pleasant time throughout their life. If someone started analyzing bad part of others, never he would have any time to think about himself, because they are busy about others. Even kin’s, never behave like each other, their growth is different, their skin color is different and their health is also different. Just with only one past event, it is absolutely wrong to come to hasty decision to say he is like that.

Just think, are you being like by everyone, after long hesitation, your answer is "NO". Are you not being liked by anyone, interestingly again answer is "NO", but you would have come across lot of people liked by most. Those who are liked by most, they will have some common characteristics that they never find fault with anyone. They always appreciate others as well as who is in front to them, they never argue. They do only discussion.

Discussion is to share knowledge. Argument is to share ignorance.

Always they recollect pleasant events with others, even when they come across tough time with that individual, they never keep it close to their eye and see it like a mountain, and simply they skip to next. They enjoy individuality of everyone and never get jealous of others. Always they speak with others in smiling face, just simple curve on your face, will make lot of things straight. They also use the same language what are you using, but they handle the language like a knife which is in the hands of doctor, other use the same language like knife in the hands of thief, to hurt others and themselves.

Just think back ever did you praise anyone, but certainly you would have thought that he/she is good, then what is problem in conveying?. If you convey, he will be happy and you will also be happy. Please get rid of unnecessary inhibition. No harm in telling you are

looking beautiful
looking smart
having very sharp brain.
having good body language
having very good experience
looking like holly wood hero or heroine
so knowledgeable

For telling the above listed things, are you going to loose something from your wallet? Certainly nothing, in fact you are going to gain lot. Rarely few will be ignored by everyone. Neglecting someone is worse than slapping on their face. They have to understand and take some time to do self analysis. As Jesus said, before pelting stone on others, just ensure that you are perfect. Already when you are in pit, how can you lift others! Now it is our choice to be lifted by others or to lift others.

Moment nice people go to one place, everyone surround him and everyone likes to talk to him. Once when I got a chance to travel to the client place, my manager advised me that there is no second opportunity to create first impression. I was so impressed by the way he coined the words, because this is something very practical, never struck in my mind before, because time given to prove your potential is very short. Here no point in blaming the time given for you, because it is common denominator, if you don’t prove, some one is going to prove that they are capable enough.
In foot ball, you would have heard about the golden shoot, moment someone put the goal, game will come to end. No point in arguing, next I also would have put a goal, because this is already agreed upon. In examination, your first answer only will decide, how evaluator is going to see the rest of your answers. In interview, initially they give just five minutes to tell about yourself, that decides the length and the course of the discussion, else quickly you will be responded with “do you have any questions?”, moment interviewer ask this question within five minutes, you can come to conclusion that show came to bad end. These things are very limited to very short stint events, not applicable to friends and families.

It is the time to shatter the conventional hypothesis of first impression and give your dears a second opportunity to create good impression. No day is like yesterday. Every day is a new day. Get rid off stereotype thinking. Do not put past in the future and please do not blind fold yourself. Don’t expect or look at someone like how they were yesterday. Keep their bad things in long sight and keep good events in your memory. This is one life and not sure you are going to born again, in this small valuable time, let us burn all hatred, bad impression of others and inhibition to praise others.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Software Industry & Indian Lifestyle

After end of school days, except few, everyone enter into college with the different dreams. As software is the key subject, taking computer and its related subjects only for consideration. There are different categories of students. First, they are very clear with their ideas, on what they want to do for their future. Second, never clear about anything; simply they live for that semester; their ultimate aim is to complete all the papers without having any hassle for the current term. Third, they complete course after college days. For time being let us ignore the fourth category, that is college drop outs, in other way we can call them “Entrepreneurs”, because they are the only people venture into business, seldom get failed to succeed, mostly they succeed and give opportunity for who came out from college with degree. Even then, without completion, leaving something in the middle cannot be entertained.

Everyone as per their dream did so well in their college, but independent of second and third category, both are end up in software. Software market was on its peak between 1990 and 2000. During this period, who are completed in distinction were also jealous of computer engineers, because mostly distinction holders get easy entry into campus picking and public sectors. It was highly surprising for top ranked engineers that below average in their studies are also getting equal or higher salary. Finally few of the top ranked people are also migrated to software, not only engineers, shockingly agriculture, zoology and veterinary graduates also. College days dream pushed to back seat, survival and luxury life took the front seat. Nothing wrong in this, but impact of this software and its salary, made lot of changes in all walks of life.

Life style: More than fifty percentages of the fertile lands are grown up with thorny plants. Agriculture was reduced to half, productivity also drastically fell down and self sufficiency became history. City was congested with abundant of fast food restaurants and shopping centers. People started spending more than their need. Living in apartments became mark of fashion. Sharing their grievances and happiness are stamped as stupidity. In the families, talking in their regional languages buried down. Working till mid night, then eating pizza and drinking coke is the day to day habit of modern software youth. God created day and night, but these BPO's reversed it for their own need. These youths never aware of their life time is getting shortened by minimum five years by expediting their natural wear and tear.

Cost of living: This is one of the collateral damage for government services and core industry
employees. Software guy is getting ten times higher than them, obviously he is playing key role in elevating the prices around him. It is very difficult for one normal bank employee and public sector engineer. In urban areas, when silicon higher income group is ready to pay the triple times the original rent, undoubtedly other people will not get one fourth of the single bedroom also.

Veterans of non software sectors, business group, politicians and government service people are blaming them; actually they have to look at a mirror, before they are pointing their finger on others, because they are the actual culprits. You are keen about giving your house for rent to software guys and looking alliance for your daughters to software professionals. Parents want their daughter or son to go abroad and earn lot. Responsible senior citizens are one of the primary catalyst for this social turmoil.

Parents: They are so pathetic. Most of them are subjected to Peer pressure. They are comparing their son with his classmates and neighbors. They are so proud to say, “All my kids are in abroad”. It became social stigma. Kids used to send lot of money and parents are happy to build their dream home, they never knew that they are going to be alone in that home. House is so big having all facilities but no one is there to fetch them water when they are coughing. Kids share their love, by sending photos in front beach and chocolates during their visit. When parents fall sick, no one would be around them, at the most they will increase the frequency of calling them over phone.

Let us come to bitter truth, this transition is inevitable. Due to population control, in every house at the most we can find either one or two kids. In olden days, more than four kids will be in a home. Out of that four, one will be not good enough to go work due his/her own habits and eventually pushed to look after house and parents. In one way it was convenient to parents by further ruining his life. Now a day, trend has changed lot, they wish to have one kid and they want that kid also be in abroad. When this is the reality, keeping the past in future and chasing for it, is equivalent running to catch the mirage.

Girls are also getting equal opportunity in the software industry; this is something to be appreciated. Unfortunately few types of girls are fore runners in spoiling the culture. You are living in modern era, but please be conscious about your responsibility and limit. Talking to fellow male colleagues is not a problem, but it is advisable to stay away and talk. Maintaining healthy and hygienic distance is very important. I have witnessed lot of incidents, just for a job, they used to stay alone, fall in love and register office marriages. Fall in love is not a crime, but they must be confident about their love till end and last long, software should not decide your life partner and life. Ladies are equally earning like their husband, certainly they can live alone, but that is not the purpose of the marriage. After 1995, according to statistics, attorneys are registered with lot of new cases on divorce and infidelity, software industry not alone the reason for it, satellite television are also having equal credit in that. Software working women, neither need to be so liberal nor so restricted, find some nice place between far left and right.

Everyone is striving hard to live luxuries life, software is the only nearest possible solution for the middle class. Money is not everything, but with money one can get nine out of ten, let that one go to hell, but please don’t keep that one to be your family and health.

Working in software is not harmful, but one should ensure, they are not going away from their roots and culture. Both parents and kids have to realize, we are going to live just one life, we have to live to the fullest and have to support each other. Transition is the common factor, not only to parents, but also to kids. Software professional is not someone comes from different planet, just he is outcome of western need, if software did not come; so many electronic and mechanical engineers will be working for very meager amount in servicing coffee vending machine and Xerox machines. Either in studies or working profession, nothing is going to be great or less, treat everyone equally. Don’t pay anything more than the worth of the product. No one is born to work in software, but no doubt it caused huge economic imbalance and financial turbulence in the society. Today software is yielding lot of money, but it is not going to last long, something will come and it may push software back. Couple of years ago, in Chennai, one of the old age home celebrated silver jubilee, but this is not a happy news, software professionals has to take it as a message to fix it and revert back the imbalance they caused.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sri Lankan Civil War

For introspecting about Sri Lankan issue, you need not be a Sri Lankan. Basic requirement to understand the issue and to have some opinion about this issue, simply we need to have mercy. I have come across lot of people, they never have any opinion but they used call themselves as neutral. It is bit surprising that ignorance was somehow titled neutral.

Surprising fact is, genocide happened in Sri Lankan was totally ignored by rest of the world. Till now west is talking about Hitler’s concentration camp. US is so keen about Israel and Palestine conflict. UK may not be in a position to intervene, because they are also facing similar issues with Ireland. India is also not in a position to intervene, but did not stay away.

India’s approach on this issue was totally out of phase between Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi period. They were totally surrounded by different battery of advisors. Unfortunately after demise of Honorable Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, support from India was totally brought down to zero. If Ezham was liberated from Sri Lanka, it would have become separate country for Tamilians. Rajiv’s advisors confused with, rise of Ezham might again erupts pre independence Dravidian parties slogan of asking for separate Tamil country in India but that slogan was depleted long time ago.

Another interesting fact in this Sri Lankan issue is, first time in the history, two countries signed peace keeping accord for civil war. For example I am not in good terms with you, so neighbor can mediate or keep quiet, likewise agreement must take place between Sri Lanka and LTTE, not between India and Sri Lanka, because LTTE initiated this task with the help of “Hindu” editor Ram. Sri Lanka was not fighting with India, but peace keeping according took place between these two countries keeping LTTE aside. That point things started going wrong and irreversibly end up in wrong result.

United States is offering its help to so many nations suffering in poor human rights. When US is looking at Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, South American countries and Taiwan, why they did not look at Sri Lanka? Was it not rich in oil? Or did India keep US away? Or will US presence in Sri Lanka cause any new issues in Indian subcontinent?

Why they started oppressing Tamil community in Sri Lanka? Because they belong to Hindu religion or they are not following Buddhism. Ex Sri Lankan president Jayewardene made highly irresponsible ridiculous comment that if Tamilians are converted to Buddhist, this problem will be solved. If Buddha heard this comment, certainly he would not have allowed his tooth to be in Sri Lanka. Buddhism is such a nice religion, emphasized peace and love. Everyone would have surprised when this comment was delivered from one president of the nation. So many Tamils were killed, tortured and countless Tamil girls were raped. Government is like a fence for their own people. Fence is to protect, not to kill what it is supposed to save. Few more factors also cannot be neglected that Tamils are growing well compared to Sinhalese. Sinhalese are jealous of Tamil people growth. If this is their primary concern, it cannot be solved, because by their individual attitude only, they are getting either rich or poor.

This Tamil and Sinhalese problem was started during Bandaranaike’s period for their local political survival. Unfortunately they don’t have any valid manifesto for growth of people and clear public welfare scheme; eventually it became manifested interest for political parties. Few Sinhalese political parties, for their own political mileage, they took this issue in hand and it became inevitable action item for them. For a Sinhalese, this is not an issue at all. They like Tamil people. They are so affectionate with them. They are not at all impacted by this war. Other truth might be, none of the Sinhalese were hurt since starting of the war. Government only deciding, the kind of weapon oppressed people must take in their hand. If their rights are in question, they can take a petition, but if it is their life, needless to say, how do they protect themselves. Unfortunately taking destructive weapon and asking for right is equivalent to using double sided weapon, it causes damage to opponent as well as who is using it

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful Island rich of natural resources. Side kick is “Generally beauty followed by danger”. To my knowledge and ever since I heard about that land i.e in 1980, so many people used to make business trips and recreation trips to Sri Lanka. Very long time ago, I have come across one astrologer interview in Indian Channel. He shared some interesting facts. According to numerology, Sri Lanka and Kashmir are falling in number 5. Number 5 will always be in some dispute. Previously we used to call Sri Lanka as Ceylon. Truth is, when it was called Ceylon, there was no such issues. As it remained to be in Number 5, problem cannot be ignored without achieving any political solution or name cannot be changed back to Ceylon. Later approach cannot be chosen, if so, it will become joke of the year.

Few astrologers attributed this issue with Sri Rangam temple. If Sri Rangam Rajagopuram was completed, down time of Sri Lanka would start. Coincidently it was completed in 1985 and civil was also reached its peak during that period. For some more information about the temple, Sri Rangam is one of the very biggest functioning Vaishnavites temple located in Trichirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. AngkorWat is the biggest non functioning temple.

We are in modern era. Let us come out of religion and language barrier. Share your love with each other. Due to advance technical and medical facility, world would have shrunk, but not our views. Religion is for streamlining the behavior and creating peace, not for causing violence. Language is to communicate, not for creating confusion.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Human Right and Humanity

Writing about human right is not difficult but getting the conducive environment for human right is equivalent to trying to reach summit of Himalayas. In most of the Asian and African countries, it is just a theory. Since childhood they were brought up without having any awareness of human rights. Human right is nothing but combination of mutual respect, honoring others belief and emotional quotient. Parents spending lot of time in nurturing their kids to improve intelligent quotient till the age of twenty five, but they were least bothered about emotional quotient. Intelligent quotient will help to improve kids to get good grades in school and college, but this is not alone going to help them. Their emotional quotient only will help to make them more matured. They will come to know where to talk and how to represent their feeling. Certainly this is not going to come and change the whole society in overnight, but this is iterative process. In daily life, we would have come across lot of mental ailments or we would have emotionally got hurt across office, house, shops, schools and traffic, is it going to stop at one place? Like a chain reaction, it will move further away from its starting point and impact the surroundings also.

This is one of the very basic attitude needs to be corrected at any cost and needs to be learnt from western countries. Western countries may have other drawbacks, but they are very good in interpersonal communication and courtesy, which is lacking in east. Before getting into human rights in Darfur and Sri Lanka, these are some basic problems need to be patched up.

Since young age itself, if one was not taught about mutual respect and habit of listening others concern, what kind of human right, you can expect when that individual got into powerful position. Unfortunately in eastern society, individual is getting into power over the period of time or with family background or with political influence, instead of achieving it with maturity.

Contents written above, looks irrelevant to the human rights, but this is the root cause of confusion. When we are getting into Sri Lankan and Darfur issue, readers should not have any biased feeling, with neutral mindset they have to read. We have to read just as a human, not in the view of any region or religion or community or with inclination of any language group.

After the end of Sri Lankan civil war and Darfur crisis, still people are suffering like cattle’s behind the meshed wire. What is the need of running repatriate camps in their own country for their own people? The word “Repatriate Camp” itself wrong, if government is treating them as their own people, so it is well evident that they don’t want to give them equal rights. Any country, showing too much of interest in bringing the dispute to end, they have to show equal interest in bringing normalcy also. There should not be any geo political interest or these events should not be politicized. Forget about autonomous region, at least after war, are people living in safe? Do they have proper shelter? Do they have doors to their house? Do they have proper cloths to cover their body? Do they have three times hygienic food? Answer is clearly “NO”. If this is the situation, what kind of mindset they can leave for next generation and what kind of trust they will have in the institution governing them. Forget about what ever happened in the past, at least in future, they have to get rid of post war scar. By weapon, problems cannot be solved, just eventuality can be postponed.!Darfur_refugee_camp_in_Chad.jpg

During coffee break or any get together, I have come across lot of interesting people, they are well educated but neither have any opinion nor known about history and geography of the issue, but unfortunately those educated illiterates don’t refrain from passing comments on these topics. Most of their comments are, “why are you worrying about it?” and “if problem goes this much, why they are not returning to India?”. In case of Darfur, where they need to go? If this is your comment, then Darfur victims have to go to China only. Even they don’t know what they don’t know. Individual who is having concern about this issue have to understand, it is not possible to make them understand. If fifty per cent of people are this much ignorant, we can come to some conclusion about their civic responsibility and level of humanity. Their top most civic responsibility is, just go to office and having food in Uddipi restaurant or McDonald.

In future, keeping upcoming generation in mind, simply don’t stay away from understanding worldly issues. You need not do anything, just you have to understand. If everyone tries to understand day to day issues of human being across the boundaries, down the line, this world will become a peaceful garden. You need to spend only twenty sec to send your concern to UN

Better late than never, at least now we have to decide, not to hurt anyone and not to demoralize anyone and not to misunderstand anyone and not to under estimate anyone.