Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sri Lankan Civil War

For introspecting about Sri Lankan issue, you need not be a Sri Lankan. Basic requirement to understand the issue and to have some opinion about this issue, simply we need to have mercy. I have come across lot of people, they never have any opinion but they used call themselves as neutral. It is bit surprising that ignorance was somehow titled neutral.

Surprising fact is, genocide happened in Sri Lankan was totally ignored by rest of the world. Till now west is talking about Hitler’s concentration camp. US is so keen about Israel and Palestine conflict. UK may not be in a position to intervene, because they are also facing similar issues with Ireland. India is also not in a position to intervene, but did not stay away.

India’s approach on this issue was totally out of phase between Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi period. They were totally surrounded by different battery of advisors. Unfortunately after demise of Honorable Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, support from India was totally brought down to zero. If Ezham was liberated from Sri Lanka, it would have become separate country for Tamilians. Rajiv’s advisors confused with, rise of Ezham might again erupts pre independence Dravidian parties slogan of asking for separate Tamil country in India but that slogan was depleted long time ago.

Another interesting fact in this Sri Lankan issue is, first time in the history, two countries signed peace keeping accord for civil war. For example I am not in good terms with you, so neighbor can mediate or keep quiet, likewise agreement must take place between Sri Lanka and LTTE, not between India and Sri Lanka, because LTTE initiated this task with the help of “Hindu” editor Ram. Sri Lanka was not fighting with India, but peace keeping according took place between these two countries keeping LTTE aside. That point things started going wrong and irreversibly end up in wrong result.

United States is offering its help to so many nations suffering in poor human rights. When US is looking at Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, South American countries and Taiwan, why they did not look at Sri Lanka? Was it not rich in oil? Or did India keep US away? Or will US presence in Sri Lanka cause any new issues in Indian subcontinent?

Why they started oppressing Tamil community in Sri Lanka? Because they belong to Hindu religion or they are not following Buddhism. Ex Sri Lankan president Jayewardene made highly irresponsible ridiculous comment that if Tamilians are converted to Buddhist, this problem will be solved. If Buddha heard this comment, certainly he would not have allowed his tooth to be in Sri Lanka. Buddhism is such a nice religion, emphasized peace and love. Everyone would have surprised when this comment was delivered from one president of the nation. So many Tamils were killed, tortured and countless Tamil girls were raped. Government is like a fence for their own people. Fence is to protect, not to kill what it is supposed to save. Few more factors also cannot be neglected that Tamils are growing well compared to Sinhalese. Sinhalese are jealous of Tamil people growth. If this is their primary concern, it cannot be solved, because by their individual attitude only, they are getting either rich or poor.

This Tamil and Sinhalese problem was started during Bandaranaike’s period for their local political survival. Unfortunately they don’t have any valid manifesto for growth of people and clear public welfare scheme; eventually it became manifested interest for political parties. Few Sinhalese political parties, for their own political mileage, they took this issue in hand and it became inevitable action item for them. For a Sinhalese, this is not an issue at all. They like Tamil people. They are so affectionate with them. They are not at all impacted by this war. Other truth might be, none of the Sinhalese were hurt since starting of the war. Government only deciding, the kind of weapon oppressed people must take in their hand. If their rights are in question, they can take a petition, but if it is their life, needless to say, how do they protect themselves. Unfortunately taking destructive weapon and asking for right is equivalent to using double sided weapon, it causes damage to opponent as well as who is using it

Sri Lanka is such a beautiful Island rich of natural resources. Side kick is “Generally beauty followed by danger”. To my knowledge and ever since I heard about that land i.e in 1980, so many people used to make business trips and recreation trips to Sri Lanka. Very long time ago, I have come across one astrologer interview in Indian Channel. He shared some interesting facts. According to numerology, Sri Lanka and Kashmir are falling in number 5. Number 5 will always be in some dispute. Previously we used to call Sri Lanka as Ceylon. Truth is, when it was called Ceylon, there was no such issues. As it remained to be in Number 5, problem cannot be ignored without achieving any political solution or name cannot be changed back to Ceylon. Later approach cannot be chosen, if so, it will become joke of the year.

Few astrologers attributed this issue with Sri Rangam temple. If Sri Rangam Rajagopuram was completed, down time of Sri Lanka would start. Coincidently it was completed in 1985 and civil was also reached its peak during that period. For some more information about the temple, Sri Rangam is one of the very biggest functioning Vaishnavites temple located in Trichirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. AngkorWat is the biggest non functioning temple.

We are in modern era. Let us come out of religion and language barrier. Share your love with each other. Due to advance technical and medical facility, world would have shrunk, but not our views. Religion is for streamlining the behavior and creating peace, not for causing violence. Language is to communicate, not for creating confusion.


  1. Sinhala buddhist mind-set is is same as bin-laden where he argues that everyone in US convert to Islam. What we see is religious, racial, linguistic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka. Where the givernment/army/monks wants to subjugate Tamils in thier own homeland.

  2. வாழ்த்துக்கள், வலைபூ மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துகிறோம்.