Thursday, October 8, 2009

Human Right and Humanity

Writing about human right is not difficult but getting the conducive environment for human right is equivalent to trying to reach summit of Himalayas. In most of the Asian and African countries, it is just a theory. Since childhood they were brought up without having any awareness of human rights. Human right is nothing but combination of mutual respect, honoring others belief and emotional quotient. Parents spending lot of time in nurturing their kids to improve intelligent quotient till the age of twenty five, but they were least bothered about emotional quotient. Intelligent quotient will help to improve kids to get good grades in school and college, but this is not alone going to help them. Their emotional quotient only will help to make them more matured. They will come to know where to talk and how to represent their feeling. Certainly this is not going to come and change the whole society in overnight, but this is iterative process. In daily life, we would have come across lot of mental ailments or we would have emotionally got hurt across office, house, shops, schools and traffic, is it going to stop at one place? Like a chain reaction, it will move further away from its starting point and impact the surroundings also.

This is one of the very basic attitude needs to be corrected at any cost and needs to be learnt from western countries. Western countries may have other drawbacks, but they are very good in interpersonal communication and courtesy, which is lacking in east. Before getting into human rights in Darfur and Sri Lanka, these are some basic problems need to be patched up.

Since young age itself, if one was not taught about mutual respect and habit of listening others concern, what kind of human right, you can expect when that individual got into powerful position. Unfortunately in eastern society, individual is getting into power over the period of time or with family background or with political influence, instead of achieving it with maturity.

Contents written above, looks irrelevant to the human rights, but this is the root cause of confusion. When we are getting into Sri Lankan and Darfur issue, readers should not have any biased feeling, with neutral mindset they have to read. We have to read just as a human, not in the view of any region or religion or community or with inclination of any language group.

After the end of Sri Lankan civil war and Darfur crisis, still people are suffering like cattle’s behind the meshed wire. What is the need of running repatriate camps in their own country for their own people? The word “Repatriate Camp” itself wrong, if government is treating them as their own people, so it is well evident that they don’t want to give them equal rights. Any country, showing too much of interest in bringing the dispute to end, they have to show equal interest in bringing normalcy also. There should not be any geo political interest or these events should not be politicized. Forget about autonomous region, at least after war, are people living in safe? Do they have proper shelter? Do they have doors to their house? Do they have proper cloths to cover their body? Do they have three times hygienic food? Answer is clearly “NO”. If this is the situation, what kind of mindset they can leave for next generation and what kind of trust they will have in the institution governing them. Forget about what ever happened in the past, at least in future, they have to get rid of post war scar. By weapon, problems cannot be solved, just eventuality can be postponed.!Darfur_refugee_camp_in_Chad.jpg

During coffee break or any get together, I have come across lot of interesting people, they are well educated but neither have any opinion nor known about history and geography of the issue, but unfortunately those educated illiterates don’t refrain from passing comments on these topics. Most of their comments are, “why are you worrying about it?” and “if problem goes this much, why they are not returning to India?”. In case of Darfur, where they need to go? If this is your comment, then Darfur victims have to go to China only. Even they don’t know what they don’t know. Individual who is having concern about this issue have to understand, it is not possible to make them understand. If fifty per cent of people are this much ignorant, we can come to some conclusion about their civic responsibility and level of humanity. Their top most civic responsibility is, just go to office and having food in Uddipi restaurant or McDonald.

In future, keeping upcoming generation in mind, simply don’t stay away from understanding worldly issues. You need not do anything, just you have to understand. If everyone tries to understand day to day issues of human being across the boundaries, down the line, this world will become a peaceful garden. You need to spend only twenty sec to send your concern to UN

Better late than never, at least now we have to decide, not to hurt anyone and not to demoralize anyone and not to misunderstand anyone and not to under estimate anyone.

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