Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Impression

Some students after completing their graduation, quickly they will get into work with much ease, others also get it but they would have come across lot of difficulties. Passing that tough time is very hard, but it is a pleasant feeling to recollect those days. During such a period, in Mumbai I went for one interview in the hotel located close to the Juhu beach. After completing the interview, just went for a walk in the beach. surprisingly I met my friend, we were not in touch for very long time. After completing usual inquires about each other, started moving to where abouts of other friends, but interestingly after providing information about others, without fails he passed negative remark about everyone.

For very long time I am not able to understand, how come their one day behavior taking higher precedence and being etched in the mind for ever. When someone is finding fault with every one, certainly you are not someone going to be waived out of his list. This is not his problem. It is problem with people who is surrounding him, because for their own time pass and inquisitive entertainment, they beefed up his habit. Generally to have bad remark, one need not come across multiple instance of bad events with the same person, but it became unwritten rule in the society that first opinion about that person getting carried over for the rest of his life. It became unconvincingly convenient for everyone to scrutinize the people. I strongly disagree with this preconceived notion when it comes to long term relationship. On that particular day, they would have subjected to some hard time or unexplainable mental depression. No one is going to have pleasant time throughout their life. If someone started analyzing bad part of others, never he would have any time to think about himself, because they are busy about others. Even kin’s, never behave like each other, their growth is different, their skin color is different and their health is also different. Just with only one past event, it is absolutely wrong to come to hasty decision to say he is like that.

Just think, are you being like by everyone, after long hesitation, your answer is "NO". Are you not being liked by anyone, interestingly again answer is "NO", but you would have come across lot of people liked by most. Those who are liked by most, they will have some common characteristics that they never find fault with anyone. They always appreciate others as well as who is in front to them, they never argue. They do only discussion.

Discussion is to share knowledge. Argument is to share ignorance.

Always they recollect pleasant events with others, even when they come across tough time with that individual, they never keep it close to their eye and see it like a mountain, and simply they skip to next. They enjoy individuality of everyone and never get jealous of others. Always they speak with others in smiling face, just simple curve on your face, will make lot of things straight. They also use the same language what are you using, but they handle the language like a knife which is in the hands of doctor, other use the same language like knife in the hands of thief, to hurt others and themselves.

Just think back ever did you praise anyone, but certainly you would have thought that he/she is good, then what is problem in conveying?. If you convey, he will be happy and you will also be happy. Please get rid of unnecessary inhibition. No harm in telling you are

looking beautiful
looking smart
having very sharp brain.
having good body language
having very good experience
looking like holly wood hero or heroine
so knowledgeable

For telling the above listed things, are you going to loose something from your wallet? Certainly nothing, in fact you are going to gain lot. Rarely few will be ignored by everyone. Neglecting someone is worse than slapping on their face. They have to understand and take some time to do self analysis. As Jesus said, before pelting stone on others, just ensure that you are perfect. Already when you are in pit, how can you lift others! Now it is our choice to be lifted by others or to lift others.

Moment nice people go to one place, everyone surround him and everyone likes to talk to him. Once when I got a chance to travel to the client place, my manager advised me that there is no second opportunity to create first impression. I was so impressed by the way he coined the words, because this is something very practical, never struck in my mind before, because time given to prove your potential is very short. Here no point in blaming the time given for you, because it is common denominator, if you don’t prove, some one is going to prove that they are capable enough.
In foot ball, you would have heard about the golden shoot, moment someone put the goal, game will come to end. No point in arguing, next I also would have put a goal, because this is already agreed upon. In examination, your first answer only will decide, how evaluator is going to see the rest of your answers. In interview, initially they give just five minutes to tell about yourself, that decides the length and the course of the discussion, else quickly you will be responded with “do you have any questions?”, moment interviewer ask this question within five minutes, you can come to conclusion that show came to bad end. These things are very limited to very short stint events, not applicable to friends and families.

It is the time to shatter the conventional hypothesis of first impression and give your dears a second opportunity to create good impression. No day is like yesterday. Every day is a new day. Get rid off stereotype thinking. Do not put past in the future and please do not blind fold yourself. Don’t expect or look at someone like how they were yesterday. Keep their bad things in long sight and keep good events in your memory. This is one life and not sure you are going to born again, in this small valuable time, let us burn all hatred, bad impression of others and inhibition to praise others.

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