Monday, October 19, 2009

Software Industry & Indian Lifestyle

After end of school days, except few, everyone enter into college with the different dreams. As software is the key subject, taking computer and its related subjects only for consideration. There are different categories of students. First, they are very clear with their ideas, on what they want to do for their future. Second, never clear about anything; simply they live for that semester; their ultimate aim is to complete all the papers without having any hassle for the current term. Third, they complete course after college days. For time being let us ignore the fourth category, that is college drop outs, in other way we can call them “Entrepreneurs”, because they are the only people venture into business, seldom get failed to succeed, mostly they succeed and give opportunity for who came out from college with degree. Even then, without completion, leaving something in the middle cannot be entertained.

Everyone as per their dream did so well in their college, but independent of second and third category, both are end up in software. Software market was on its peak between 1990 and 2000. During this period, who are completed in distinction were also jealous of computer engineers, because mostly distinction holders get easy entry into campus picking and public sectors. It was highly surprising for top ranked engineers that below average in their studies are also getting equal or higher salary. Finally few of the top ranked people are also migrated to software, not only engineers, shockingly agriculture, zoology and veterinary graduates also. College days dream pushed to back seat, survival and luxury life took the front seat. Nothing wrong in this, but impact of this software and its salary, made lot of changes in all walks of life.

Life style: More than fifty percentages of the fertile lands are grown up with thorny plants. Agriculture was reduced to half, productivity also drastically fell down and self sufficiency became history. City was congested with abundant of fast food restaurants and shopping centers. People started spending more than their need. Living in apartments became mark of fashion. Sharing their grievances and happiness are stamped as stupidity. In the families, talking in their regional languages buried down. Working till mid night, then eating pizza and drinking coke is the day to day habit of modern software youth. God created day and night, but these BPO's reversed it for their own need. These youths never aware of their life time is getting shortened by minimum five years by expediting their natural wear and tear.

Cost of living: This is one of the collateral damage for government services and core industry
employees. Software guy is getting ten times higher than them, obviously he is playing key role in elevating the prices around him. It is very difficult for one normal bank employee and public sector engineer. In urban areas, when silicon higher income group is ready to pay the triple times the original rent, undoubtedly other people will not get one fourth of the single bedroom also.

Veterans of non software sectors, business group, politicians and government service people are blaming them; actually they have to look at a mirror, before they are pointing their finger on others, because they are the actual culprits. You are keen about giving your house for rent to software guys and looking alliance for your daughters to software professionals. Parents want their daughter or son to go abroad and earn lot. Responsible senior citizens are one of the primary catalyst for this social turmoil.

Parents: They are so pathetic. Most of them are subjected to Peer pressure. They are comparing their son with his classmates and neighbors. They are so proud to say, “All my kids are in abroad”. It became social stigma. Kids used to send lot of money and parents are happy to build their dream home, they never knew that they are going to be alone in that home. House is so big having all facilities but no one is there to fetch them water when they are coughing. Kids share their love, by sending photos in front beach and chocolates during their visit. When parents fall sick, no one would be around them, at the most they will increase the frequency of calling them over phone.

Let us come to bitter truth, this transition is inevitable. Due to population control, in every house at the most we can find either one or two kids. In olden days, more than four kids will be in a home. Out of that four, one will be not good enough to go work due his/her own habits and eventually pushed to look after house and parents. In one way it was convenient to parents by further ruining his life. Now a day, trend has changed lot, they wish to have one kid and they want that kid also be in abroad. When this is the reality, keeping the past in future and chasing for it, is equivalent running to catch the mirage.

Girls are also getting equal opportunity in the software industry; this is something to be appreciated. Unfortunately few types of girls are fore runners in spoiling the culture. You are living in modern era, but please be conscious about your responsibility and limit. Talking to fellow male colleagues is not a problem, but it is advisable to stay away and talk. Maintaining healthy and hygienic distance is very important. I have witnessed lot of incidents, just for a job, they used to stay alone, fall in love and register office marriages. Fall in love is not a crime, but they must be confident about their love till end and last long, software should not decide your life partner and life. Ladies are equally earning like their husband, certainly they can live alone, but that is not the purpose of the marriage. After 1995, according to statistics, attorneys are registered with lot of new cases on divorce and infidelity, software industry not alone the reason for it, satellite television are also having equal credit in that. Software working women, neither need to be so liberal nor so restricted, find some nice place between far left and right.

Everyone is striving hard to live luxuries life, software is the only nearest possible solution for the middle class. Money is not everything, but with money one can get nine out of ten, let that one go to hell, but please don’t keep that one to be your family and health.

Working in software is not harmful, but one should ensure, they are not going away from their roots and culture. Both parents and kids have to realize, we are going to live just one life, we have to live to the fullest and have to support each other. Transition is the common factor, not only to parents, but also to kids. Software professional is not someone comes from different planet, just he is outcome of western need, if software did not come; so many electronic and mechanical engineers will be working for very meager amount in servicing coffee vending machine and Xerox machines. Either in studies or working profession, nothing is going to be great or less, treat everyone equally. Don’t pay anything more than the worth of the product. No one is born to work in software, but no doubt it caused huge economic imbalance and financial turbulence in the society. Today software is yielding lot of money, but it is not going to last long, something will come and it may push software back. Couple of years ago, in Chennai, one of the old age home celebrated silver jubilee, but this is not a happy news, software professionals has to take it as a message to fix it and revert back the imbalance they caused.


  1. It’s just a beginning.....
    we are the victims of Globalization and it has evidently made its mark in the third world countries,India largely transforming itself to be another US.


  2. If situation continues like this, it is well and good. Shortly they will come across another cheap resource than India. In the name of globalization, always for one individual profit and at the cost of some ones employment only, Indians are being employed. Chinese already started mastering English. In Walmart you can see, out of 10 products, 8 are imported from China. They are not far away from Software entry to grab the work from India. Threat is very imminent. Why can't we increase food grains productivity, achieve self sufficiency and increase export prices. Once if this MNC boom got burst, how are we going to combat against this inflation. Every country is having its own economic resource, our country is based on agriculture, Japan is based technology based, US is good in weapon manufacturing. Already we came away from our base. Not much away, only 3 generation. In most of the house, you can find, either grand father or his father would have dealt with agriculture only.