Friday, December 2, 2011

A Nuclear Power Plant - Globalization and Economic Growth

This is continuity of previous nuclear power plant blog. Globalization is forced to become the key factor to growth of any country. Growth of the country is nothing but how frequently people are taking their wallet out of their packet. For increasing the spending capacity, their basic living standard needs to be improved. For improving the living standard, productivity of the country needs to be improved. For seamless productivity, country needs abundant source of energy in the form of electricity and gasoline.
As per Goldman Sachs Group, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will surpass United States of America. Needless to compare Spain, Greece and Italy, at least now they realized, they are having economic issues. Building great pillars, maintaining ancient mosaics and manufacturing world class wines alone won’t develop the country. In 2020, India will become financially independent. With in 10 years, in world economy 36.5% will be from BRIC countries. India’s expectation and projections are like this.

To meet this expectation, there should not be any issues to the basic infrastructure and basic needs. Everything will be made possible for everyone, no one need to take weapon in their hand. Most of the time, Government only deciding, what kind of weapon their enemy must go for either petition or gun.To achieve, equality between rural and urban sector, 10% growth in agriculture, self sufficient industrial growth, electricity is inevitable.
Now India is generating 150K Mega Watt.
To meet our expected growth, we must achieve, 
By 2020 it must be 400K Mega Watt
By 2030 it must be 950K Mega Watt.
By 2050, individual electricity consumption will be 6K Watt, but as per our 5% rate of growth, realistic figure is going to be only 450K Mega Watt by 2030, that too can be made possible, if there is no hindrance by public and manifested political agitation. Till now amount power generated from nuclear power plant is extremely less.

In all the sectors, despite we increase the power generation, to reach our final goal, nuclear power plant is the only option. In India, what ever be the season, per day, it will be sunny for minimum 10 hours, so solar can be used for domestic use to mitigate the shortage of power supply. In the last 40 years, 20 nuclear power plants are functioning without having any safety threats. Best example is Kalpakkam nuclear power plant, it was not at all impacted by Tsunami, unlike Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
Nuclear radiation is very hazardous, no second opinion in that, but it is not going to cause any genetic disorder and not going to affect the second generation, so if this generation is affected by nuclear leak, is it ok? That is the actual reason for protest by people who lived in that area. How many of us will donate our house or come out of your house for good cause, at least I will not do! but so many people in that locality were forced to vacate from that area with minimal guideline value for that property without providing any alternative arrangement for their source of income.
We need to go very long way to reach our goal compared to other countries how effectively they are using the nuclear power.

Cost of power generation is extremely cheaper in uranium compared to solar and wind, but solar energy can be optimally used in tropical countries like India, middle east and other south Asian counties.
Now in Koodangulam nuclear power plant, 6000 Mega Watt can be generated. By 2030, through nuclear power plant, India is planning to generate up to 50K Mega Watt. After Australia, India will develop all the required technology to use third generation radio active material like Thorium and Uranium 233.
Nuclear energy is important for expected growth. Nuclear explosion in Japan and France’s decision to retire their nuclear plants is just a coincidence, but skeptics related these events and discouraging the nuclear power projects. France is running shot of Uranium and they are having sufficient resource to go for solar plants, that is the reason for decommissioning the nuclear plants. Every coin has two side, in the next blog we will go through the protestors view on this upcoming project.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Nuclear Power Plant - Rapid Growth & Threat

The contents given over here is taken from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s report on Koodangulam Nuclear Power plant.  He made a detailed analysis, so same information is provided here  in a much simplified form with lot of care so as not to skew the original content.  As per our honorable ex president of India, we should not be scarred by geo political agitation and statement given by politicians for their personal mileage.. He is expecting people to dream, Dr. Kalam defines, dream is not something getting out of sleep, dream is something makes you to run out of sleep and work hard to achieve that goal. Kindly read this blog with complete open mind without any pre conceived notion. Really very long way to go to any conclusion, despite it is too late to back out.

Before starting any project, scientists used to make lot of research to choose the location for the project. In that way,  Koodankulam was chosen for this project as it is not going to be affected by Tsunami or earth quake.

Earthquake Seismic Map of India
As per the earth quake seismic map of India, there is no chance to get earth quake at this project site which is falling in level 2 earth quake zone, even if it comes, it will be at the magnitude of 3 or less.  As per Richter scale, If it is less than 3, it is just a tremor. Tremor never cause any  loss of life and property damage.
Next tsunami is the another scarring factor for the public. We came to know about it in 2004, till that time we never knew or heard of this word, again koodankulam never going to be affected by tsunami. Why it will not be affected? Reasons are
Sunda Arc
1) Sri Lanka is safeguarding from Sunda arc. Sunda arc is a imaginary line going across Java, Sumatra and Indonesia. This 1300 km away from east of koodankulam. On east, if it starts tsunami has to start from here.

Tusnamigenic Fault Region - Chagos Ridge
2) Tsunami is starting from collision of continental plates. Such a tusnamigenic fault region is located in Sunda Arc and Chagos Ridge which is located in 1500 km south of  southern tip India. Again if there is any continental plate collision in the Chagos Ridge region, direct impact will be on west side, not on the east side of the India where power plant located. Chagos ridge can be seen in upper left of the picture.

Good news is koodankulam is never going to be affected by Tsunami unlike Fukushima power plant, Japan, which is 1st generation kind of power plant. Now we are heading to 3rd generation power plant with more security and safety features.
Thermo siphon effect
Nuclear Criticality safety - To escape from nuclear radiation
Radiation safety - Handling nuclear material on leak and fueling. If there is any leak or over flow, neutron will be absorbed by boron matrix which will stop the nuclear reaction.  This is called core catcher.
Thermal hydraulic safety - Cooling the nuclear reactor without any interruption to water pump. Now water will be pumped up by thermo siphon effect.
Structural integrity safety - Building will not be affected by any natural calamity.
As per the report all these precaution and safety factors were taken care. People who lived in and around that project site, not comfortable yet. Communication is always a big gap, between people who live in all walks of life and project management. Not only mode of communication and also the medium of communication. The executive committee is least bothered to explain to public, just they will go forward by Government Order (G.O).
  1. They promised, opportunities for 10000 people on both the direct and indirect jobs. Only 35 people got jobs. Is qualification really stopping them to provide jobs. Obviously everyone is not expecting scientists grade.
  2. On emergency how to exit people living out of sterilization zone. 4 lane road is still a dream in most of places.  In 1 hour time, how to evacuate all the people with in a limited time. We are having infrastructural challenges ahead before plant is getting live.
  3. CBSE standard education was promised to locals in the vicinity. Not achieved yet.
  4. Other important requirement on emergency is hospital with 15,000 beds  and all facility.
Government is promising lot of other facilities like this. Why Government is promising lot of facilities now, are they bribing people to happily accept the sword hanging over their head. Is it not government’s commitment to take care of basic need, if people are not accepting to this project, won’t this facility reach that region?
In the next blog, we will introspect into globalization and economic growth of India associated with upcoming nuclear power plant.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

கச்சத்தீவு-தமிழக மீனவர் அரசியல்


நம்மில் பலருக்கு மீன் குழம்பு என்றால் மிகவும்  பிடிக்கும். அதுவும் வஞ்சரம், நெத்திலி குழம்பு என்றால் அதன் சுவையே தனிதான், சுறா புட்டு என்றால் சொல்ல வேண்டிய அவசியமே இல்லை. சென்னை, நாகப்பட்டினம், தூத்துக்குடி போன்ற  கடற்கரை நகரங்களில் மீன் மிகவும் மலிவாகவே கிடைக்கும், திருச்சி, தஞ்சாவூர், புதுக்கோட்டை போன்ற இடங்களில் மறு நாள் காலை குளிர் பெட்டி மூலம் தருவித்த மீனே கிடைக்கும். இருப்பினும் மற்ற செறித்த கொலுப்புள்ள இறைச்சியைய் காட்டிலும், மீன் உடம்பிற்க்கு மிகவும் நல்லது என்பதால், பலரும் மீன் உணவையே விரும்புவர், ஆனால் மீனவனைப்பற்றி சிரிதேனும் நினைத்துப்பார்ப்பது கூடக்கிடையாது. மீனவன் கடலுக்கு செல்லும் பொழுது, அவனுடய மனைவி தாலியை கலற்றி வைப்பது பழக்கம், இன்றும் அந்த வழக்கம் தொடர்கிறதா என்பது தெரியாது, ஆனால் தமிழ் நாட்டைச்சேர்ந்த மீனவனுக்கு இது கண்டிப்பாக பொருந்த வேண்டிய அவலம்.

இந்திய கடல் எல்லையோர ரோந்துப்படை, தமிழக மீனவர்களிடம் வைக்கும் சட்ட திட்டங்களை சொல்லி மாளாது. அனைத்து சட்ட திட்டங்களும் நமக்குத்தான். விசைப்படகில் என்ன கொண்டு போக வேண்டும், எவ்வளவு தூரம் போக வேண்டும், எந்த வகையான மீன்களை பிடிக்க வேண்டும். இனி எந்த எந்த தினத்தில் அவர்கள் தங்கள் மனைவியுடன் பொழுதை களிக்க வேண்டும், என்ன வகையான உணவுகளை உண்ண வேண்டும் என்று மட்டும் சொல்லாமல் விட்டு விட்டார்கள் புண்ணியவான்கள். கடலில் என்ன மைல் கல்லா நட்டு வைத்திருக்கிறார்கள்?. அதுவும் இவர்கள் சொல்லும் தூரத்தில் மீன் பிடிக்க முடியாது, ஏன் நத்தை கூட கிடைக்காது. இப்படி சட்டம் இயற்றும் பேர்வழிகளை, ஒரு நாள் கடலுக்கு அனுப்பி மீன் பிடிக்க வைக்க வேண்டும், அப்படி செய்தால், அவர்கள் படும் இன்னல்களும், நடை முறை பிரச்சனைகளும் புரியவரும்.

கச்சத்தீவை திருமதி இந்திராகாந்தி 1974ல் தனது தந்தை வீட்டு சொத்துபோல இலங்கைக்கு தாரை வார்த்து கொடுத்தார். நாட்டின் பாதுகாப்பு கருதி அப்படி கொடுத்திருந்தாலும் கூட, சேது சமஸ்தானத்திற்க்கு  சொந்தமானது என்று எத்தனையோ ஆவனங்கள் இருந்தும், தமிழர்களிடம் ஆலோசிக்காமல் கொடுத்தது, மன்னிக்கப்பட முடியாத குற்றம். சிரிமாவோ பண்டாரு நாயக நம்மிடம் மிகவும் பணிவுடன் மிரட்டி வாங்கிய நிலம் என்பது பலருக்கு தெரிந்திருக்க வாய்ப்பில்லை. பாகிஸ்தானும், சீனாவும் விமானதளம் அமைக்க இலங்கையிடம் கேட்டது, அதற்க்கு ஒப்புதல் அளிக்கக்கூடாது என்பதற்க்காக, தாரளமாக கச்சத்தீவை தாரை வார்த்தார், ஆனால் இந்திய மீனவர்கள், அதாவது தமிழக மீனவர்கள் தங்கள் மீன் பிடி வலைகளை உலர்த்துவதற்க்கும் , தங்கி இளைப்பாருவதற்க்கும், அந்தோனியார் கோவில் திருவிழாவில் பங்கேற்க்கலாம் என்று இந்திய-இலங்கை ஒப்பந்தத்தில் உள்ளது. அதில் ஒரு இம்மி அளவை கூட இலங்கை அரசு பின்பற்றுவதில்லை. அப்படி கொடுத்து விட்டதால் மட்டும் பிரச்சினை ஓய்ந்த பாடில்லை. சீனர்களின் இலங்கை வரவும், முதலீடும், சற்று தள்ளித்தான் போட முடிந்தது. ராஜபக்ஷே, தான் ஒரு சீன சார்பு கம்யூனிஸ்ட் என்று காட்டிக்கொள்வதில்தான் பெருமிதம் கொள்கிறார். ஒரு பொருளை கொடுத்து, ஒரு வாக்கு பெரும் போது, அந்த பொருளுக்கு மதிப்பு இருக்கும் வரைதான், கொடுத்த வாக்கிற்கும் மதிப்பிருக்கும். இப்பொழுது என்னவாயிற்று, கச்சத்தீவையும் இழந்தோம், அதை உபயோகிக்கும்  நமது மீனவர்களின் நலன் சார்ந்த அடிப்படை உரிமையும் இழந்தோம்.

1974ல் இருந்து பதவிக்கு வரும் கட்சிகளெல்லாம், கச்சத்தீவை மீட்டு விடுவோம் என்று சூடம் கொளுத்தி சத்தியம் செய்யாதது ஒன்றுதான் பாக்கி, பதவிக்கு வந்த பின் மக்களை மறந்துவிடுவது போல், கொடுத்த வாக்கையும் மறந்துவிடுவது, அவர்களுக்கும் புதிதல்ல, நமக்கும் புதிதல்ல. எத்தனை நாட்களுக்குத்தான் மறப்போம் மன்னிப்போம் என்று, ஓட்டுபோட்டுவிட்டு நகம் கருக்க காத்துக்கிடப்பது, இந்த வாக்களிக்கும் நிகழ்வுக்கு ஜன நாயகக்கடமை என்று பேர் வேறு. இது வரைக்கும் 300 மீனவர்கள், இலங்கை கடற்படையினரால் சுடப்பட்டு இறந்து விட்டார்கள். நாம் கடலுக்கு அப்பால் வாழும் நம் இனத்தைப்பற்றி இப்பொழுது கவலை கொள்ள வேண்டாம், முதலில் உள்ளுர் தமிழனைப்பற்றி கவலை படுவோம். முதலில் மனிதன் என்ற உணர்வே இல்லாத போது, தமிழுணர்வு எப்படி சாத்தியப்படும். மீனவனுக்கு ஏதாவது நிகழ்ந்து விட்டால் போதும், அனைத்து அரசியல் கட்சிகளும் நான் நீ என்று போட்டி போட்டுக்கொண்டு நிவாரணம் கொடுக்க முன் வருவது, பார்த்து பார்த்து சலித்து விட்டது. ஒருவர் தமிழில் அடுக்கு மொழி பேசி எள்ளி நகையாடுவது, ஒருவர் உணர்ச்சி உரையாற்றுவது, மற்றொருவர் கட்சிக்கு எப்பொழுது விடுப்பு விடுவார் என்று அவருக்கே தெரியாது. இவர்கள் எல்லாரின் உணர்வுப்பூர்வமான நோக்கமும் ஒரே நேர் கோட்டில் வரும் வரை, யாருக்கும் விடிவு இல்லை. இப்படி ஒன்று நடக்கும் என்று ஒருவன் காத்திருந்தால், அவன் பகலிலேயே கனவு காணும் முழு மூடன். 

கேட்பாரற்றிருக்கும் அனாதையை அடித்தால், யார் வந்து கேட்கப்போகிறார்கள். 49-ஓவை மட்டும், மின் வாக்குப்பதிவு சாதனத்தில் கொண்டு வந்தால் தெரியும், இவர்களின் உண்மையான நிலை. பாகிஸ்தான் கடலோர படையினர் கூட, குஜராத் மீனவர்களை சுடுவதில்லை, திரும்பி போகச்சொல்லுகிறார்கள், ஆனால் எங்குமே நடக்காத ஒரு அராஜஹம், பாக் ஜல சந்தியிலே ஆண்டாண்டு காலமாக நடந்து கொண்டேதான் இருக்கிறது.  இந்த அரசியல்வாதிகள் இனி மேலாவது நேர்மையாக இருக்க விரும்பினால், தயவு செய்து கச்சத்தீவையும், இலங்கை தமிழனையும் பற்றி பேசாமலிருப்பதே மேல். மீனவர்களின் நலன் காக்க, உடனடியாக, மத்திய அரசை தமிழக அரசு நிர்ப்பந்திக்க வேண்டும். கட்சி சார்பற்று அனைத்து தலைவர்களும் ஒரே கருத்தை கொண்டார்களே ஒழிய, தீர்வு என்பது வெறும் கானல் நீரே.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elections in India

ballot-boxOnce in every five years, we are getting chance to elect our legislative member or member of parliament. No political analyst can predict how people will swing between parties. Till they reach a ballot box, some times even they themselves don’t know to whom they are going to cast their vote. Politicians never bothered about literates, literates read magazine and weighs the pros and cons of the manifesto, annual budget and policies. Most of the educated population, not using their voting rights and finally those votes will be misused. Politicians main voting bank is poor people. They need poor and they don’t want them to be self sufficient. They need poor, poverty and slum.
Citizens who are having lot of social awareness never be whisked by free material given during election time, no harm in getting what politicians are giving, but need not be loyal to what they give, because they are not giving something out of their hand. If every member was restricted to contest in elections for only two times and if they are given very good retirement pension for their genuine service, chances are more to get healthy politics in the country, because before his hands are getting stained he will be done with his service.
mumbai1-lowFor every festival and occasion, by providing free stuffs, poverty can not be gotten rid off. It is equivalent to filling the water in bowl with holes. One can become rich or poor just by their attitude, not by others. If some one born in poor family that is not his fault, but when he dies, if he is poor, he is completely responsible for it. Mainly voters are getting attracted by their speech, not by their manifesto. Politicians need not be highly educated, just if they think good for the people, it is more than enough, rest of the action items will be taken care by the administrative officers and related government executives. When we are asked to choose Doctors for our treatment, we are analyzing so well about the success rate and his specialization. We never choose Doctors, as he is speaking so well or never impressed by his fluency in language. When it comes our leader, we are not  doing like that.
If people does not like to cast their vote for any party or if they feel that no one is not worth for his vote, he can go to election officer in polling booth and asks for the form 49-O if he can find his name in the form17-A i.e voters list. Again it needs to be done with lot of care without knowing to the party agents sitting at voting center. We can not correct everyone, but we can keep them away, instead of repenting for the rest of his tenure.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take it as such

Daily we are finding lot of reasons to worry about and constantly having the feeling that we are lacking of wealth, power, support yin_and_yangand etc. Ever did we thank god for what we have now. When we are going down from the current position only, we will come to know, how we were before. Just little bit of ill health, how much we suffer, at that time only most of the people used to think how they were yesterday, but the moment they recover, again brain will start jumping to new worries. During this short stint of illness, some people would completely loose their confidence and they will start over reacting to the situation. Like confession in the church, at that time whom so ever they met, they would out cry  and at least cry inside, what ever guilt they committed.

Always choose right person to worry and to share happiness. When some one is in trouble, you should not tell them that you got promotion or increment. With poor person, never worry that you lost little bit of gain in your multi million dollar business. In either way, you get nothing out of it other than giving him new mental agony. Some people really feel sorry about your misfortune, for some it will be a great joke, really we need to pity about their sense of humor.

Life is mixture of both. When some one is coming up fast in life, little bit of failures also inevitable. Mature mind, always knows mild down fall also very imminent. Certainly that is not going to be a permanent set back. In one day we need both day time and night time but  we accept up and but not down. No one likes go down or always need not look forward to go down, but we need to accept when it happens. Just think moment we born, our count down starts, in this case how always one can have just victory alone through out the life. In colors, we use black and white, is black opposite to white? just it is a norm or we are educated to have some mind set like that. Exactly failure and success is like a black and white.

When we are happy, we used to share with everyone contrarily some people used to share their unhappy events only. In daily life, we used to meet different kinds of people, very rare to find two same kind of person. It happens to talk to both good and bad people. All radio signals made of crest (up) and trough (down), daily we are using it in our day to day life, so at least little bit of that impact will be in our life too, right!. When some one is so determined not to try anything new or any change in his life, for him no failures in life, but his whole life is failure. For him chances are very rare to learn something new. When he is not learning anything in a day, he is more like a zombie walker. He is more like a ship in port. Ship is not intended to just stay in port. It has to sail across rough oceans to reach different destination.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

True Religion and happiness

In young age every kid feel so happy when they could communicate what they felt. After few years, being with friends made them more happier. Again being lovable by others gave them happiness. Later again it moved up that being respectable and making good money gave them happiness.  Once if you started acquiring good amount of money or more than you need for rest of your life, making some more money will not give any kind of feeling. It is one and same. Again your area of happiness, will start move backward. This intangible element frequently moving its center of gravity from one area to another area.

We are living in such a tough time. Corruption, irresponsibility, injustice  and violence in the name of religion became daily events.  All these problems are sprouting from a seed called lust over money and power. These weeds need to be eradicated.

Everyone has to think from their heart. Exactly what is needed to live happy. Now vegetable, gasoline and alcohol, everything is at the same price. What do you choose? necessity or comfort or luxury? Who caused this imbalance? please look at mirror. Keep on buying lands, keep on buying houses, not leaving agricultural lands also.  Finally end up in paying huge price for vegetables and food grains. Politicians have manifested pseudo interest over religion and people in their region. Certainly we can not change their attitude but we can change them. No one need to bend over to their religious preaching and violent sentiments. Just for praising your mother, no one need to abuse others mother. We need to be true to our heart.

KamarajJust imagine that everyone is following some unwritten rule that everyone should not have more than one vehicle and one house. By any way, agricultural land should not be touched. Word "inflation" in the economic field will be completely removed. To society what you give, that only you will get, this is not only applicable to law of action in physics.

Everyone must try to develop the habit of detached attachment. These things we can not expect from our current politicians, what all they know is attachment over their big families and attaching others property. Adi Shankara and Kamaraj, lead the life of detached attachment. Though they are living like saints, at the same time as a son they never forget to do their duty for their mother. This is the stage, you are close to the god.

Long back, got a chance to go through some slide show, which shows some important dialog between Dalai Lama and theologist Leonardo Boff from Brazil. I wish to share few of his touching statement, for sure it will be etched in your mind for long time.

dalailama Take care of your Thoughts because they become Words.
Take care of your Words because they will become Actions.
Take care of your Actions because they will become Habits.
Take care of your Habits because they will form your Character.
Take care of your Character because it will form your Destiny,
and your Destiny will be your Life

Finally Dalai Lama concluded with the statement

“There is no religion higher than the Truth.”  what a amazing statements! this is a divine truth.

Hell or heaven, it is in the same planet where we are living.  Being truthful not only give happiness, you will become a role model to the society. Better society will make better world. If you are living happy in the place where you are, you are at Heaven.