Sunday, April 10, 2011

Elections in India

ballot-boxOnce in every five years, we are getting chance to elect our legislative member or member of parliament. No political analyst can predict how people will swing between parties. Till they reach a ballot box, some times even they themselves don’t know to whom they are going to cast their vote. Politicians never bothered about literates, literates read magazine and weighs the pros and cons of the manifesto, annual budget and policies. Most of the educated population, not using their voting rights and finally those votes will be misused. Politicians main voting bank is poor people. They need poor and they don’t want them to be self sufficient. They need poor, poverty and slum.
Citizens who are having lot of social awareness never be whisked by free material given during election time, no harm in getting what politicians are giving, but need not be loyal to what they give, because they are not giving something out of their hand. If every member was restricted to contest in elections for only two times and if they are given very good retirement pension for their genuine service, chances are more to get healthy politics in the country, because before his hands are getting stained he will be done with his service.
mumbai1-lowFor every festival and occasion, by providing free stuffs, poverty can not be gotten rid off. It is equivalent to filling the water in bowl with holes. One can become rich or poor just by their attitude, not by others. If some one born in poor family that is not his fault, but when he dies, if he is poor, he is completely responsible for it. Mainly voters are getting attracted by their speech, not by their manifesto. Politicians need not be highly educated, just if they think good for the people, it is more than enough, rest of the action items will be taken care by the administrative officers and related government executives. When we are asked to choose Doctors for our treatment, we are analyzing so well about the success rate and his specialization. We never choose Doctors, as he is speaking so well or never impressed by his fluency in language. When it comes our leader, we are not  doing like that.
If people does not like to cast their vote for any party or if they feel that no one is not worth for his vote, he can go to election officer in polling booth and asks for the form 49-O if he can find his name in the form17-A i.e voters list. Again it needs to be done with lot of care without knowing to the party agents sitting at voting center. We can not correct everyone, but we can keep them away, instead of repenting for the rest of his tenure.

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