Friday, December 2, 2011

A Nuclear Power Plant - Globalization and Economic Growth

This is continuity of previous nuclear power plant blog. Globalization is forced to become the key factor to growth of any country. Growth of the country is nothing but how frequently people are taking their wallet out of their packet. For increasing the spending capacity, their basic living standard needs to be improved. For improving the living standard, productivity of the country needs to be improved. For seamless productivity, country needs abundant source of energy in the form of electricity and gasoline.
As per Goldman Sachs Group, BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will surpass United States of America. Needless to compare Spain, Greece and Italy, at least now they realized, they are having economic issues. Building great pillars, maintaining ancient mosaics and manufacturing world class wines alone won’t develop the country. In 2020, India will become financially independent. With in 10 years, in world economy 36.5% will be from BRIC countries. India’s expectation and projections are like this.

To meet this expectation, there should not be any issues to the basic infrastructure and basic needs. Everything will be made possible for everyone, no one need to take weapon in their hand. Most of the time, Government only deciding, what kind of weapon their enemy must go for either petition or gun.To achieve, equality between rural and urban sector, 10% growth in agriculture, self sufficient industrial growth, electricity is inevitable.
Now India is generating 150K Mega Watt.
To meet our expected growth, we must achieve, 
By 2020 it must be 400K Mega Watt
By 2030 it must be 950K Mega Watt.
By 2050, individual electricity consumption will be 6K Watt, but as per our 5% rate of growth, realistic figure is going to be only 450K Mega Watt by 2030, that too can be made possible, if there is no hindrance by public and manifested political agitation. Till now amount power generated from nuclear power plant is extremely less.

In all the sectors, despite we increase the power generation, to reach our final goal, nuclear power plant is the only option. In India, what ever be the season, per day, it will be sunny for minimum 10 hours, so solar can be used for domestic use to mitigate the shortage of power supply. In the last 40 years, 20 nuclear power plants are functioning without having any safety threats. Best example is Kalpakkam nuclear power plant, it was not at all impacted by Tsunami, unlike Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
Nuclear radiation is very hazardous, no second opinion in that, but it is not going to cause any genetic disorder and not going to affect the second generation, so if this generation is affected by nuclear leak, is it ok? That is the actual reason for protest by people who lived in that area. How many of us will donate our house or come out of your house for good cause, at least I will not do! but so many people in that locality were forced to vacate from that area with minimal guideline value for that property without providing any alternative arrangement for their source of income.
We need to go very long way to reach our goal compared to other countries how effectively they are using the nuclear power.

Cost of power generation is extremely cheaper in uranium compared to solar and wind, but solar energy can be optimally used in tropical countries like India, middle east and other south Asian counties.
Now in Koodangulam nuclear power plant, 6000 Mega Watt can be generated. By 2030, through nuclear power plant, India is planning to generate up to 50K Mega Watt. After Australia, India will develop all the required technology to use third generation radio active material like Thorium and Uranium 233.
Nuclear energy is important for expected growth. Nuclear explosion in Japan and France’s decision to retire their nuclear plants is just a coincidence, but skeptics related these events and discouraging the nuclear power projects. France is running shot of Uranium and they are having sufficient resource to go for solar plants, that is the reason for decommissioning the nuclear plants. Every coin has two side, in the next blog we will go through the protestors view on this upcoming project.

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