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A Nuclear Power Plant - Rapid Growth & Threat

The contents given over here is taken from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s report on Koodangulam Nuclear Power plant.  He made a detailed analysis, so same information is provided here  in a much simplified form with lot of care so as not to skew the original content.  As per our honorable ex president of India, we should not be scarred by geo political agitation and statement given by politicians for their personal mileage.. He is expecting people to dream, Dr. Kalam defines, dream is not something getting out of sleep, dream is something makes you to run out of sleep and work hard to achieve that goal. Kindly read this blog with complete open mind without any pre conceived notion. Really very long way to go to any conclusion, despite it is too late to back out.

Before starting any project, scientists used to make lot of research to choose the location for the project. In that way,  Koodankulam was chosen for this project as it is not going to be affected by Tsunami or earth quake.

Earthquake Seismic Map of India
As per the earth quake seismic map of India, there is no chance to get earth quake at this project site which is falling in level 2 earth quake zone, even if it comes, it will be at the magnitude of 3 or less.  As per Richter scale, If it is less than 3, it is just a tremor. Tremor never cause any  loss of life and property damage.
Next tsunami is the another scarring factor for the public. We came to know about it in 2004, till that time we never knew or heard of this word, again koodankulam never going to be affected by tsunami. Why it will not be affected? Reasons are
Sunda Arc
1) Sri Lanka is safeguarding from Sunda arc. Sunda arc is a imaginary line going across Java, Sumatra and Indonesia. This 1300 km away from east of koodankulam. On east, if it starts tsunami has to start from here.

Tusnamigenic Fault Region - Chagos Ridge
2) Tsunami is starting from collision of continental plates. Such a tusnamigenic fault region is located in Sunda Arc and Chagos Ridge which is located in 1500 km south of  southern tip India. Again if there is any continental plate collision in the Chagos Ridge region, direct impact will be on west side, not on the east side of the India where power plant located. Chagos ridge can be seen in upper left of the picture.

Good news is koodankulam is never going to be affected by Tsunami unlike Fukushima power plant, Japan, which is 1st generation kind of power plant. Now we are heading to 3rd generation power plant with more security and safety features.
Thermo siphon effect
Nuclear Criticality safety - To escape from nuclear radiation
Radiation safety - Handling nuclear material on leak and fueling. If there is any leak or over flow, neutron will be absorbed by boron matrix which will stop the nuclear reaction.  This is called core catcher.
Thermal hydraulic safety - Cooling the nuclear reactor without any interruption to water pump. Now water will be pumped up by thermo siphon effect.
Structural integrity safety - Building will not be affected by any natural calamity.
As per the report all these precaution and safety factors were taken care. People who lived in and around that project site, not comfortable yet. Communication is always a big gap, between people who live in all walks of life and project management. Not only mode of communication and also the medium of communication. The executive committee is least bothered to explain to public, just they will go forward by Government Order (G.O).
  1. They promised, opportunities for 10000 people on both the direct and indirect jobs. Only 35 people got jobs. Is qualification really stopping them to provide jobs. Obviously everyone is not expecting scientists grade.
  2. On emergency how to exit people living out of sterilization zone. 4 lane road is still a dream in most of places.  In 1 hour time, how to evacuate all the people with in a limited time. We are having infrastructural challenges ahead before plant is getting live.
  3. CBSE standard education was promised to locals in the vicinity. Not achieved yet.
  4. Other important requirement on emergency is hospital with 15,000 beds  and all facility.
Government is promising lot of other facilities like this. Why Government is promising lot of facilities now, are they bribing people to happily accept the sword hanging over their head. Is it not government’s commitment to take care of basic need, if people are not accepting to this project, won’t this facility reach that region?
In the next blog, we will introspect into globalization and economic growth of India associated with upcoming nuclear power plant.

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