Thursday, April 26, 2012

North Korea, The Socialist Dynasty

Kim Il-Sung Kim Il Sung was the founder of North Korea, other than him no one would have wanted the separate country called North Korea. This country was founded, just by the curse of time and the interest of super powers. Kim Il Sung had few reasons to hold the top office of the country, though reasons were not valid, but his successor are not having those reasons also. Whole country was governed by the single party called Korean Workers Party. His aim to run the country only by self reliance, no harm in that, in fact it is too good to be like that, but they must have sufficient natural resource and modern technological infrastructure, unfortunately it was lagging behind in both the areas.

Soviet Union gave good support till it was disintegrated. China is still supporting DPRK - Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), by buying their textile and food processing products. Their manufacturing unit is completely state owned. Nothing by any individual, the word capitalism is crime in socialistic world, which is more entertained in the other side of the fence (in South Korea). In NK only few can flourish, those few will be in the good position in the workers party. It is so obscure to call it as a party, what is the need of party, when no one is ready to raise voice against that party or no opposition party.

Kim Jong-IlIn 1994, after Kim Il Sung died, Kim Jong Il came to power. Jong Il is son of Il Sung. After Soviet disintegration, foreign aid was completely stopped, it  triggered famine in the country. Since 1995, famine is the recurring event. At one point of time it became constant scene, so needless to point it as an event. Il Sung paid more attention to defense and military services. Out of 24 million people, 9 million were in defense related services, this is more than one third of the population. This is redundant defense need of the country, when food supplies and medical supplies are consistently running short.

When basic needs are running short in the whole country, dear leader never reduced his taste of French wine and expensive entertainment. First of all, who is he to inherit the power. It is not his dad's and grand dad's earned property. Now people in DPRK are pushed to constant ignorance. Now second generation of DPRK never knew, how South Korea became their enemy country. Jong Il was depicted as god. In every house, his portraits can be seen. In front of their dear leader statue, everyone has to salute and pass by. It more like an artificial respect and love to the country.

This dear leader's key power is keeping the people under constant peril. Anyone who questioned him, will be pushed to concentration camp. Not only him, his whole family, relatives and friends everyone will be taken to prison. Once dozen of stalemates in a party, came to Pyong Yong to convey the real situation of famine in the country. All of them were tied and laid on the streets. Tankers were running on them back and forth, till they crushed to death. After seeing this, who will come forward to question him.

This is completely black box, no one knows the events of DPRK. All the news leaked through the defectors who is fleeing through the barbed electrical wire to South Korea and China. Even then people are continuously leaving behind their families and defecting to South Korea. Security between China and North Korea is not that stringent, because once if they were caught, China will deport them back to DPRK. Moment they have been handed over to  DPRK, no one knows what will happen to them, but can not be seen outside. According to DPRK, defecting the border is an act of betrayal. Usually other countries only will arrest them, but situation in North Korea is completely different, because dear leader need people to rule.

Kim Jong-un Recently Kim Jong Il also died, but plight of the people remain same. All the supreme powers were delegated to his youngest son Kim Jong-un. This is an international political joke of the century. He is just 28 years old, returned from Bern, Switzerland were he attended school for English language. This is the first 3rd generation community rule by a single family like NK is their own property. The way people crying for the demise of their dear leader and the way people are portraying them as a god and savior of the country is disgusting, ridiculous and pathetically artificial. No one need to be smart enough to make out their fake praising of their leaders.

Some miracle only has to happen to bring this comedy to an end.

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