Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Food and Etiquette

In parties, I have noticed so many times that for no reason, people used to leave some food on plate at the end. In home, when they are arranging parties by their own, lot of people would have witnessed, some guests don’t know what they like and how much they can have, simply fill their plate and trash half of the quantity. Obviously you can not go and tell them, not to waste, but everyone must understand, by wasting like this indirectly you are making some one to starve in some part of world or may be in the same house also. Not only in house, when giving parties in restaurant, if guest waste food, really it hurts the host.

The purpose of buffet is to, help them self with exactly what they need and not to waste. Nothing to hesitate to walk multiple times between our table and table where food is placed. First attempt itself, dumping the plate with attractive item and leaving the other items untouched is not a right practice. Best approach is to take all foods in small quantity and taste all items, then what you like and what you wish to try again, go for it and replenish your plate with quantity that you can complete.

quite Please don’t pass any negative comments on some ones food or preparation. This is very basis common sense everyone must have. If food is good, you can appreciate, else keep quite and don’t take more, that’s it, apart from that you don’t have any right to criticize, no fun in criticizing, on one can take it as a joke.  You can suggest, that too if you are asked how to improve or how to correct it. You are supposed to appreciate their hospitality and effort that they are putting. Their food and facility is secondary. As you are appreciating it, it does not mean you can finish the whole, ensure you left something for others also.

snacksObesity is the hidden threat to man kind. Stop continuous snacking like cow and camel, everything needs some rest, right!. then what is the difference between man and grazing animal. Usually food tastes so good to tongue, seldom good for health. Every individual has to act with his own health consciousness. They have to develop manifested interest towards the healthy diet. Eating three times is fine, but eat in such a way that next time you must feel hungry. Take two glass of water before food. Try to have balance diet between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Break fast – Eat like a king, never skip. Whole night you are fasting and breaking that fasting in the morning, that's why it is called break fast, but so many working class people, they never have anything in the morning, directly they will combine with lunch. In long run, certainly it cause problems.

Lunch – Eat like a normal man.

Dinner – Eat like a beggar even fasting is more better. Those who avoid break fast, eat record break dinner with lot of hunger. Moment they tired of eating, immediately they will sack against the bed. Just distinctly tummy grows.

Health is wealth, if you don’t waste also, wealth grows, so without criticizing others, kindly grow your wealth, not cholesterol.