Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meaningful Life

KalamMorning got up, had a coffee, took bath and nice breakfast, then office, again evening coffee, dinner, sound sleep. What a beautiful day. Most of us are not exception out of it. Really are we happy with it? What we done for our self or for others, nothing. Just we are passing the life time as we born on this earth,  very few are only living to show that they are also living with you in the same planet like Dr. Abdul Kalam and Narayana Murthy. These two dignitaries are small example, not complete. Don’t be a victim of corporatocracy. Slogging like anything beyond the expectation for getting chicken feed bonus and promotion. Happiness getting out of it, won’t last long. Shortly it will be faded away. Certainly these things are not going to make your life complete.

sinkholes Just think of yourself, daily you are going to office in the same route and coming back in the same way. It is routine and monotonous life. Even you don’t know, how many signals you passed by, how many stops sings you would have come across, how many new shops came up in that road, because it is natural human tendency to narrow vision and perspective. You can take different route and consciously watch what is going around us, surely it will give bit better change. At least we need to be watchful about what is going around us. There is big sink hole created in Guatemala. Three story building completely disappeared. To my knowledge still it is news to so many people. Really I am getting doubt that number of sinners are going up. We can not patch that hole, at least we need to know, what is caused and what is the precaution we need to take.

If some one gives money and asks you to do some work, you will do that work with interest till that money has some value, if some one offers you more,  same old work will not be interesting. If same work is given by whom you are admiring more, you will create manifested interest on it as long as you are having respect on him, but if you have some belief, you will be ready give your life also. Every one must have some belief and faith. We should not live without having any hold. You are not born, just to work for some credit card company or software company.

vijay-amritrajRecently there is an International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) festival organized in Sri Lanka. Indian film artists participated in that. For money and fame, can anything be done. Same thing is applicable to Indian Cricketers also. They have to learn from Amirtaraj brothers. They boycotted 1974 Davis cup held in South Africa. They were against racist policy. These philosophy and ideals not only for common man, public figures must also follow. It shows, they are more addicted to money. Just for money, they are ready to go any where and do anything. Whole world till now they are opposing Hitler's massacre, how come Rajabakshe brothers are fine to them.

We can be a new starting. Set some social responsibility. No point in earning fame and money at the cost of self respect and humanity. Better late than never.

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