Saturday, September 4, 2010

Marketing Menace – II

Marketing guys knows how to please you, they are so familiar with how to melt the ice berg. They never allow you to think much, immediately they would mark in their digital calendar, when to meet, convenient time to meet, who are all will be there in a meeting. When any unknown person say, “I have seen you somewhere”, you need to be very careful. That is their common strategy. Leave that place at the earliest. Every second  you waste, intensity of torture level will keep increasing. When they realize, you are not going to be part of their business, the way they speak to you will differ, mostly they will start avoiding you. Simply they will look for next worm. According to art of saying “NO”, the best reason to say NO is “I don’t like”, if you like something or someone , do you have any specific reason, nothing, right!, just like that, if you don’t like, no one insist you to like that.

No one can live rich for long time on others hard work and others intelligence. You must have something by your own. Now a days they came up with lot of strategy, chain marketing, pyramid marketing, telephone marketing and non linear marketing. What ever they market, it must have some worth to the amount consumers hard earned money, else how one can survive with just one time buyers. What ever they market, it has to fit to their geo political, cultural and economical situation. For example, successful advertisement on the western countries may not go well in the middle east. See the simple scenario for energy drink bill board depicted with 3 pictures.


Man was so tired and about to fall down

Drank the energy drink Started walking with lot of energy

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Middle East<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

It went well in the west, but it was a big flop in the middle east Asian countries, in some part of world it was a luxury drink. Obviously you can not live with just energy drink, right!, when people are blinking at sky for main food. According to middle east culture, they used to read and write from right side unlink rest of the world who always start from left side. Just this is one example, if you start from left, energy drink serves its purpose, else if you start right side, contrary to its name, it gives you tiredness.

It is very scary to smile at some one, immediately next question is “do you want any extra income?”. It became new culture. They never bother about anyone, where do they stand, what do they do for living and what is their preference? Just torturing everyone around and trying to get them to their trap with whom so ever they found on their way. What is the problem in opening a separate shop and waiting for customers to come? without investing any money on infrastructure, they are trying to suck the money from the middle class people. You can not talk anything with them, if you say, I am having knee problem, eye problem, cell phone signal issue or car is not giving good mileage, for everything they will come up with their marketing products, more over they add that we are so lucky that we met right person in life to find solution for all of our problem at single point of contact. Really who is lucky?

Actually at the end, they are influencing to loose friendship and relatives. Mother next, brother next, friends next, business first, the pity is, still they are calling it as a business, what culture are they from? No point in buying nice art at the cost of  your eye, then how can you see and enjoy the art, likewise no point in being rich at the cost of your friends and families. For no reason,  never disclose your contact numbers and friends details with some one without their consent. Be firm in declining their invitation. Keep in mind that you never get free lunch, please don’t ask, what about dinner and break fast! These kind of marketing schemes are like building castle out of pack of cards, always they need to be cautious about basement and keep adding something to the basement, it is always tend to collapse at no time.

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