Monday, October 18, 2010

No more bullying

bullying Recently we would have come across lot of news in the media like suicide attempt and committing suicide in educational institutions. Some people dropped out of school and some jumped out of bridge. Very sad to hear. Most of the time, the root cause is sycophantic approach of few individuals. Either weak individuals have to completely stay away from them or completely surrender to them to avoid any future damage, choosing second option is not a long time solution, it is like catching the tiger’s tail. This is not only at school or college, in office environment are also quite frequently you can witness these kind of scenes. What kind of pleasure are they going to have out of this? nothing, but the curse of weak individual. Actually they are polluting themselves and trying to make few stupids to laugh, nothing else. You can acquire anything, but never try to have curse, it will affect not only you, it will carry over to your heirs also along with other movable and immovable assets.

Without having any actual skills and power, how one can expect others to follow them! In a small group people, how one can try to show he knows lot, without actually knowing much. If someone corrects him certainly that guy who is assuming he knows lot, does not like him and try to side line him. This is nothing but typical politics. Everyone must try to acquire some talent, then only respect and recognition will wait in their door step. Respect, dignity and leadership can not be earned directly, these are by products of good attitude and real skills.

In college or school or work place, don’t get into any gangs, just ignore them and stay away from them. In decent work atmosphere, one sycophant was appointed as a director. Moment he entered into office, he made a nice announcement  “if you have any problem, please feel free to come to my office and you can share your problems”. Don’t wonder, really this is nice only, but master punch followed after this. Also he added that just come with your problems, at any cost don’t come with your insane suggestions. In a meeting, others can not just laugh for any jokes, first he will decide, that is joke or not, till that time everyone have to keep quite. Good thing was, he was a director and he was not in touch with engineers like me. Out of 5 managers, he does not like 2 managers, because really they did not know about him and also they are self respected and talented individuals. In a meetings literally he used to tease them and abuse them with elite words. Out of that 2 managers, one of the manager was my ex colleague. Obviously you may wonder, why I remain in the same position, don’t worry, still I am searching for the answer. That guy he used to share his grievance. Always one must keep in mind, in this world, every boss will have another boss. With in 2 years, that director was fired. One day down the line that manager would have been promoted to director, then what kind of treatment others can expect from him. These bullying people, not only corrupting them self, they are spoiling the people around them also.

Never laugh for mean jokes which is hurting others physically or emotionally. In young age, I have seen lot of people used to laugh, when I slipped down or got hurt. This mentality may follow in other cases also. These kind of people surely laugh in their mind if really something very bad thing happen to others. In your friends house, if death or job loss or theft happened, will you go there and crack any jokes? No right, but bullying people, internally they will get some happiness out of it. It is not their fault, certainly it is caused by people who is entertaining them. Stop talking to them, never laugh for their silly jokes. Make them to understand, they are not the only guy created by god and others also having real meaning in their birth. We also have to nurture our kids, not to laugh if some one gets hurt, make them feel that is their pain also.

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  1. It is nice to nurture our kids not to laugh at the victims of someone's wit. But we also need to keep ourselves & our children insensitive to such attacks. 'Feeling hurt' is simply a process of acknowledging ones blow. We cannot change every one, rather remain insensitive or reasonably resilent.