Monday, November 12, 2012

Mobile Phone Subscribers Behavioral Pattern

1980’s having phone is a status mark and also big headache for hosts. So many of us, have witnessed these nuisances, guests come and after going through telephone directory for an hour to find the number of distant relative or friend, finally they will introduce themselves, after dialing few wrong numbers. Helplessly host has to sit tight with hopeless smiling face.


1988 telephone communication underwent huge breakthrough, after 5 years same trend reached Asia and other eastern world. After cellular phone came to market, communication became so fast and information started spreading across continents in a flashing speed. Certainly gossip and rumors can not be called as information, unfortunately its travelling speed is more faster than the useful message.

So many people using cell phone as a desk phone only, because they never carry the cell phone  with them, either they will leave it at their desk or keep it safely in their bag. They will make calls that too when they are in some need.

Few people, after seeing the voice message only they will call them back. After listening twice, they will analyze how talking with other party is useful to themselves, otherwise they never call them back.

Moment phone call comes, if some one is running out of scene, either they are speaking something confidential or doing something wrong. Some people used to hide their number as private number, neither it is useful to callers nor receivers, if receiver failed to attend the call while it is ringing, they could not call them back at all, how do they know, who called them.

image While driving, if passenger or driver keep on talking on phone, certainly it is boring to other person, that too passengers are not supposed to do at all. Obviously when either of them talking on phone, music needs to be muted out or discussion needs to be stopped, it is such a annoying for other person, unless otherwise it is so important to talk for more time on phone. It is more like ignoring the person who is travelling with you. You need not completely ignore the phone call, just attend and convey them that you will call them back and later please call them without fails.

Some people very calculative about using their own phones, but never mind about others phone. Voice over IP(VOIP) phone is a good alternative for them. When some one call at their cell phone, they will make the communication very crisp and fast. Same people when calling from their VOIP phone to other’s cell phone, will talk of hours and hours. Whom so ever may be, money value is always same. When you are so stringent on your cell phone and its bill, please put others also in the same shoe.

On receipt of call or VM or SMS, next day they will come and tell, “Yes I saw your message, thinking of calling you on the week end”, what is the need of this unnecessary acknowledgement, when they are not reachable on emergency, then cell phone is just expensive table weight. Sometime you only have to go and tell them, “Yesterday I called you”, they will reply, “Yes, I saw your missed call or received your VM”, quite logical, right! so they are just good for diplomatic relation.

Texting or browsing must be completely avoided while driving. This is the root cause of most of the accidents in the last 5 years. Same smart phone is giving option to switch your phone to Bluetooth or car mode. Subscribers only need to choose this option while they are getting into car, no smart phone is smart enough to automatically switch its mode to car mode. In near future car companies may have some tie up with telecom providers to switch phone mode, by sensing the VIN number of the car, lets wait for it, till then please follow safety rules when driving.

Common excuses for not attending the phone calls, but quite frequently genuine also as smart phones are consuming more power.

  • It was in vibrating mode
  • It was in vibrating mode and left it at my old pant packet.
  • Ran out of charge
  • Out of coverage network.
  • Busy with another phone call.
  • Thinking of calling on week end.
  • I tried to reach you at your old mobile number.
  • While syncing with mobile application, lost all the contact details.
  • Operating system is not good.
  • Lost the pin to unlock the phone.
  • Dropped the mobile phone in the water.
  • Sorry, I was busy in meeting
  • I was in driving motor vehicle license office
  • I was in hospital
  • Usually I never attend calls when driving
  • Slept early
  • Not feeling well
  • Lot of noise outside, so I could not hear the ring tone
  • Asked to turn off the mobile.

Few will call others when don’t know what to do, some will call when ironing their dress, cooking, gardening, walking, cleaning the kitchen, driving back home from the office. Least bothered to know, how busy they are, on the other side. When calling some one for time pass, courteously please make sure, are they comfortable enough and have time to talk with you.

Even someone say, “Sun rises in the east”, immediately technocrat in the group will browse their web application in the mobile and confirm,”yes, you are right”, who asked them, this is right or wrong. Ever since smart phone came to market, it is no more for just talking, it changed its phase to infotainment. In public place also interpersonal communication was completely stopped, because everyone is keeping their head down and busy browsing their mobile phones. Out of 30 minutes waiting period, please be attentive for at least 10 minutes to know what is going around and who are all there, you need not handshake with them or hug them, but try to look around.

Kids are also more addicted to smart phone games. In long run, such a fast moving animation in a small screen is not good for eyes. Very responsible medical professionals, personally enquiring about the health of their family friends, silently playing temple run in the android phone that too when they are discussing about the health issues in person. What to call that person, ignorant or don’t care type.  No doubt, that game is very interesting, but at least while they are discussing face to face, they can pause that game for sometime and can restart the game after quickly back to their home. When guest is busy running away from beast in the game, what host can ask them or tell them, but politely host can convey, "I too like that game”. Hope topic will not be switched to games.

When you are talking to someone over phone and in person, please pay complete attention and first complete the topic what you intend to discuss about. Don’t hover here and there and never allow mobile application to divert your attention.

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  1. Excellent....Reality put down in words...very well written.