Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rome was not built in a day

This is not only applicable to Rome, suits to Chicago, New Orleans, Madurai, Damascus, Melbourne & etc. To make anything impressive and presentable, lot of effort needs to be put. With relentless hard work and dedication only, impressive results will come. Reputation and value should not be the goal of effort, just it is out come of the true dedication.

Few would say, I never done anything wrong, now the question is, "did you try anything?". Though it takes some time, I will follow the same routine and never done anything wrong, again the question is "did you learn anything new?". If you don't learn anything on that day, you wasted that day, then you are just a good employee, can not become an employer at all. Ship is so safe in the port, but that is not its purpose.  

MountRushmoreAbraham Lincoln, almost lost everything in his personal life and in his career also, his only success was, he became an American President. He was confident in his social reforms, otherwise his name would not be in history or his face would not be in mount Rushmore.

Honda, despite his factory was affected by bombing and earth quake, he did not give up. Now keeping Honda at the parking lot is the status mark.

walt-disneyMarilyn Monroe, was rejected and even she was remarked that her face was not good to be on screen, but she is world famous. Her flying skirt is one of the patented style.

Walt Disney was fired from newspaper office for lacking of new ideas, that forced him to come up with the success recipe. 302 times his idea were rejected by bankers, but he believed himself that he could make his dream come true, otherwise he would have ended up his life as a ambulance driver.

family-drawingIn the same way, gaining good name and happy family, can not be made a day like an Aladdin lamp. To spoil that name and nice family, just one inappropriate action is more than enough. Thinking, words, action and life style are like a chain and cyclic reaction, one influence the other. Never, never bend over to your short term physical need, that damage the life for ever. Good ethics and morale is the actual beauty, just not a glow on skin and how one looks.

Failure is just a bitter lesson, every lesson will teach something, which can not be taught even in the university. Others negative remarks on you, just shows their ugly mind, not your fault. Those who care about you, used to point out the areas of improvement, will not amplify your fault. Learn to ignore the interim failures and hurts, but never hurt your dream. Achievers never sit back, those who sit back never achieve.

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