Monday, August 25, 2014

Gun Free World

Assume no guns in the hands of civilians, approximately at least 50,000 more people will be living in this world now.  In those days arrows and guns were available in every house, because people formed the society from the middle of the forest. We are living in the safe world now, sorry, we are just safe from the forest animals. This blog is not to hurt anyone’s belief or feeling, but kindly think and try to spread a word.
Everyone is good, but even that good person also undergo some tough time or they might have been provoked to take guns in their hand. Good or bad, if they don’t have guns, at the most it will not go beyond the injury or simple wounds.
Few are talking in terms of self protection. Discussed with few people those who are having guns for hunting, very scary to listen about the way they are taking about calipers, arsenal and trajectory. Really it is forcing us to doubt their instinct. Their arguments are, “Is knife not dangerous?” ,“military is also having guns!”, “sometimes I was harassed at gun point at ATM”, “once burglar came with the gun” and etc. These points shows they don’t have any justification.  Few people are having more than 10 guns at home like they are surrounded by hostile army and they are so proud about their gun collection like philately. These proud gun collectors are trying to justify that knife is dangerous, no wonder if they say, wife is also dangerous.
How burglar got gun? if it is completely restricted, where he will go for the gun? Lot of restrictions on using Marijuana and other obnoxious drugs, but guns are freely available in the market.
In the flight, guns are not allowed, not even a toy gun, because it is dangerous to the passenger, but it is allowed in the crowded urban locality. Is the same gun won’t do any harm to the good neighborhood!
Why one has to go for hunting? are you really interested in using the gun or meat or wants to kill something? If you feel you can not living without hunting, keep the guns in some remote locker facility. In one specific community or in some school, if there is a shooting, instead of controlling  the availability of guns, everyone should not be supplied with the gun to face the mentally disturbed person.
For e.g check this conversation given below
Boss:Why are you sleeping in the office?
Employee: Sir, I don’t have a separate room to sleep, then what you want me to do?
Boss: Understood your concern, now onwards all the employees in my office, will be given a separate room to sleep.
If you feel this conversation is right, I am trying to wake up someone acting like sleeping or trying to extinguish the fire with the gasoline.

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